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Let The Sunshine

Now, normally I must admit I’d try to avoid the odd David Williamson play, but I heard his new script Let The Sunshine, performed by Melbourne Theatre Company was worth seeing. And I was delightfully surprised.

Particularly by an amazing performance by John Wood, who is able to make Williamson’s words sound so natural and real. It was a clever story, with unexpected twists and some impressive performances. A great night out.

Dance Creation

What a fantastic night I had last night at the National theatre in St Kilda watching some great choreography.

Timothy Brown, Deon Hastle, Robert Curran, Lucas Jervies and of course, my old Ludwig mates Tim O’Donnell and Cass Mortimer Eipper all created beautiful works that were all so different and exciting in their own ways.

I particularly enjoyed ‘From Home, Far From’ created by Lucas Jervies on The Australian Ballet School level 8 students. Simple, elegant and totally engaging. It was a joy to watch.


I was very excited to be invited to visit the Margaret Laurence Gallery for the opening of an extra special student exhibition. The exhibition, simply called Proud 2010 was a showcase of paintings, sculpture and film produced by some of the freshest artists in the country.

Tell you what, there are some clever chickens at the Victorian College of the Arts. It was so inspiring to see the innovative creations of young people. So cool.

Studio One

Have just begun teaching at Studio One, a new school started by Kelly Aykers.

Kelly has been a choreographer on SYTYCD and has choreographed for countless musicals and operas.

I’m very happy to be teaching contemporary technique to the talented kids of Studio One. The workshops are high energy and lots of fun!

Crab Cannon

Have been having such fun lately working on a project with the amazing viola player Michael Trauer on a performance called ‘Crab Cannon’. Inspired by the Douglas Hofstadterbook, “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.”

The two actors are required to be the opposite of each other, so who better to play opposite me than my sister (and professional actor/playwright) Bethany Simons! It’s an amazing mirror image script that is performed both forwards and backwards!

Crab Cannon’ will also feature Peter de Jager on harpsichord AND piano (yes, at the same time!)

It will be performed at South Melbourne Town Hall and at beautiful historic Montsalvat.

…the Storm begins

Had my first meeting with the creative team for The Fruit Fly Circus’ new production of ‘Storm’. We met in Melbourne, with the designer flying in from Bali, the dramaturge from UK and Director from Albury (Gee, I just had to catch a tram in!)

In amongst a pile of cardboard, scissors and fabric, the four of us nutted out Shakespeare’s The Tempest and bounced around ideas on how we can bring it to life in a circus sense.
Set design, music, costumes and characters are all starting to take shape. We continue this for one more week, then will begin workshopping with the acrobats next month.

Image: The Fruit Flies’ previous production, ‘The Promise’

Human Interest Story

Took to the Malthouse Theatre for a bit of Lucy Guerin Inc. You really can’t go wrong with a solid and inventive choreographer like Lucy. Human Interest Story was engaging, funny, emotional and clever.

Photo: Jeff Busby


Had the pleasure of attending the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra performance of Wildflower with special guest Kristian Winther last night.

At the Melbourne Recital Centre, we were treated to an evening of beautiful tunes and outstanding technical talent. 26 year old Kristian is a jaw-droppingly good violinist, and a great energy to watch. The highlight for me was a particularly beautiful rendition of Souvenir de Florence Op. 70.