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First week with TFFFC

I recently returned home to Melbourne after spending a week with The Flying Fruit Fly Circus beginning the very first workshops for their new production Storm, which I’m choreographing.

But Storm isn’t the only thing that’s new. The circus have only just moved into their brand new premises, and are enjoying the space! It’s an incredible new building and it’s very exciting to be working there.

This first trip was really just to get to know the acrobats and begin a bit of dance training with them. I’ll be heading back up to Albury in a week or so to really begin the Creative Development of Storm. Start your engines!

Edge of Night

Very much enjoyed sitting (in the front row of the balcony, no less!) in the audience for The Australian Ballet’s closing night of Edge of Night.

The company looked very strong, with stand out performances by Madeleine Eastoe and Daniel Gaudiello.

Beautiful choreography by Stephen Baynes, and a new work (and his first narrative work) by Tim Harbour.

Ah, a lovely night of pretty dancing.