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Life Without Me

Went to see the new Melbourne Theatre Company’s production: Life Without Me, written by Daniel Keene.

It was just wonderful. I so enjoyed the writing and performances, with such an unusual physicality. Every word of the script is given such gravity and depth that you can’t help but follow every train of thought with full alertness.

A super cool set automatically gets in my good books too. Oh, and Kerry Walker is incredible. Her characterisation is so subtle and complex, worth a ticket just to see her.

Come, Been and Gone

Went to see the Michael Clarke Company perform in the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Their work Come, Been and Gone was on the menu, but for me it just didn’t really satisfy.

There were some interesting ideas, but the weak moments were far more memorable. What a shame.

The theatre was packed though, which is always great to see – even if the show wasn’t my cup of tea.

Opening Night!

Had a great time last night as I stopped by the Melbourne International Arts Festival opening night party at the Forum Theatre.

The festival will host some of the coolest and freshest performance around Australia and overseas. The party was a great spot to bump into musicians, dancers, directors, producers and actors from all over the world.

Yes, there was an impromptu limbo competition…and yes, needless to say, I won.

Touring in 2011

Am unbelievably excited about a recent successful audition I did for Chunky Move’s production of I Like This.

Choreographed by Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry, the work is a quirky story of two choreographers and their journey of making a piece – live on stage.
I’ll be touring with the show throughout 2011, not sure where yet, but I’ll let you know. I may be coming to a town near you!

No Lights, No Lycra

I heard about this, and just decided to check it out by myself.
No Lights, No Lycra is a disco without the disco. The rules are simple, an empty hall, a laptop on shuffle…and no lycra allowed.
Such a liberating thing to dance like there’s nobody watching, because there’s not!

This isn’t some funky activity for professional dancers, this is an alternative work-out for people who like to breakout into a groove without any self-concious thoughts. An amazing experience. Highly recommended.

Parrot Factory

I was probably the audience member furthest from the intended demographic. Aimed mostly at small children and grandparents, Victorian Opera’s latest production, The Parrot Factory, was an impressive show – put together in only 12 days!

Featuring young, up-and-coming opera stars of tomorrow, the show was an original work, and a cute story a about stolen parrot who held the keys to hidden treasure. Fun.


It’s the kind of thing kids see and remember forever.
It’s times like these where you realise that while the hot, new, funky dance shows are awesome and totally valid, let’s not forget that the old classics have still got it.

The Australian Ballet’s revival of Peter Wright’s The Nutcracker is lavish, and delightful.
I just gasped at the sets and costumes. Such beautiful design. Go see it if you can. It’s worth it.

Mix Tape

Had the absolute pleasure of seeing Chunky Move’s latest production, Mix Tape last night.
Choreographed by Stephanie Lake, the work delves into several angles of the very complex topic of ‘love’.
From the deeply moving to the hilarious, it was fantastically constructed and beautifully performed by Sara Black, Timothy Ohl, and two of my new favourites: Rennie McDougall and Jorijn Vriesendorp.