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Eureka Skydeck

Now, I’m not much of a risk taker, but I decided to take a chance and head up to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower, go to the Skydeck, and do what is known as ‘The Edge Experience.’

You stand in a small glass cube with frosted glass. The cube then tracks out, beyond the outside edge of the building.

Then comes the fun bit, all the glass (including the floor!) becomes transparent and you’re left with the most exquisite view of Melbourne you could imagine.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t at all nervous. I even laid face-down on the floor! It was fantastic.


Am very excited to annouce I have now signed my contract to tour with Lucy Geurin Inc. in 2011 with her ever-popular show, Untrained.

Featuring two trained men, and two men with no dance background at all, the audience is invited to watch a live experiment take place where the men are given a series of instructions that they perform…with different results!

The tour will be around regional New South Wales and Victoria in June/July 2011. We will be working with different ‘untrained’ in each town, local volunteers! Should be great fun.

I Like This

Rehearsals are now in full swing for I Like This, the show I’ll be touring for Chunky Move next year.

Having to learn a full one-hour show in 9 days is a challenge, but we’re charging ahead and will finish the rehearsal time presenting an informal showing for Chunky Move staff at the end of the week.

Touring in 2011 will begin with Macau, China in February.

West Side Story

I went to see the very young new Australian cast of West Side Story perform at the Regent Theatre last night.

The show was lovely, with Alinta Chidzey knocking our socks off as Anita. The “Mabmo!” scene was a particular highlight.

Great dancing, fantastic colours and an orchestra that was entertaining as hell.

Reception – the musical

My sister, Bethany Simons is a very funny girl.

After working at the reception desk of the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) for two years, she’s written Reception – The Musical, a short one woman cabaret-style show inspired by stories, events and people she’s encountered during her time on the front desk.

I had the pleasure of catching the show actually performed at ANAM reception, where she transforms the foyer into a tiny theatre, sits on the desk and has the audience in stitches in no time.

There’s now talk of lengthening it into a full length production. I’ll let you know.

Lace in Fashion

Let’s face it man, lace is damn cool.

Went to the National Gallery of Victoria today to see the amazing Lace In Fashion exhibition. I know, I’m a total nerd, and I can’t sew for crap and know nothing about fabric, but seriously, these old collars, shawls, dresses and tablecloths are centuries old and are so beautiful.

Learnt a thing or two as well, just by reading.

The Raft

Popped into ACMI while I was walking along Flinders St and stumbled across Bill Viola’s film, The Raft.

This ten minute film made such an impact on me. I actually sat and watched it through twice! A group of people from different backgrounds, classes and ethnicities are attacked by high-pressure jet streams from either side of the frame.

It’s all shown in extreme slow motion.So intense. Loved it.

First Run

Headed to the Lucy Guerin Inc. studios last night for my first experience of First Run – a bi-monthly platform for new approaches to contemporary dance, offering dancers and choreographers the opportunity to question, strengthen and deepen their practise.

On offer were little snippets from Michaela Pegum, Antony Hamilton, and a collaboration between Zac Jones and Timothy Ohl. The works were all very different, and made for a fascinating forum with the choreographers and the audience, who discussed the experience of performing, the reliance of improvisation and the awareness of sound.