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New headshots

Just got home from a photoshoot with Blueprint Studios to have some new pics of me taken. Working with photographer Kurt Sneddon is a dream. He makes you so relaxed and comfortable. I loved it.

Smiley one. Hmmm, not my favourite. Other shots that made the cut can be found in the gallery.

We Unfold

To the Playhouse Theatre last night to finally have my first live experience of Rafael Bonachela choreography. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I found Sydney Dance Company’s We Unfold to be very inspiring and beautiful. The dancers of SDC are incredibly strong, and the dynamics of the group are a pleasure to watch.

Not to mention seeing the old WAAPA pals Lachlan Bell, Natalie Allen and Richard Cilli. Post-performance laughs at Curve Bar were the order of the night.

Something Blew

Just got back from the TheatreWorks in St Kilda to catch the latest creation from The 2nd Toe Collective. Something Blew is a new work choreographed by Adam Wheeler inspired by the idea of purity and wearing white on your wedding day.

While I always love seeing performances by groups of people getting together to form their own work, and don’t get me wrong, the show was well-constructed and the dancing was strong, but unfortunately the content of the work was so far from what I want to see on stage, I was just craving a bit of beauty. I think we’re bombarded with enough sex in our world already…I want the theatre to take me somewhere new.

Over and Out

Headed to the Dancehouse last night to catch up with Perth’s LINK Dance Company as they performed their collection of three new works.

First was Antony Hamilton’s Points in Time, a mesmerising experiment in patterns and perpetual movement. Le Chat Noir choreographed by Cass Mortimer Eipper was a sexy, energetic romp set to some funky swing that got your toes tapping.

The highlight of the night for me was Fabien Prioville’s Goodbye Simone. The simplicity, stillness and powerful imagery of the choreography left me breathless. Just stunning.

Songs For Nobodies

Amazing Amazing Amazing!

I’m always a fan of Joanna Murray-Smith’s writing, and was already excited before the show even began. But the second Melbourne Theatre Company’s world premiere of Songs for Nobodies began I was grinning from ear to ear, and the smile only got bigger!

Bernadette Robinson is jaw-droppingly incredible as she jumps between characters, voices, accents and songs with such seamless transitions it was like all the characters were inside her just fighting to get out!

Her impersonations of Judy Garland, Patzy Cline, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday and Maria Callas were so scarily spot on, you won’t believe your ears! The season has been extended until mid-Jan 2011, drop everything to go.


If you try to stop the beat…well, you can’t. The toes were tapping last night at the very colourful and very 2D Australian production of Hairspray last night. The 60′s advertisements projected on the stage before it begins is reason enough to buy a ticket!

Jaz Flowers is a fantastic Tracey Turnblad, able to bring a natural and realistic girl through a world of caricatures.

You can’t go wrong with the energetic music and a great script, but unfortunately when the storyline got a little serious, it got a little dull, and I found myself just waiting for them to pump up the volume again (I never had to wait too long!

Overall it was a great show. The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips!