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Reception: The Musical!

Spent an afternoon with my sister Bethany, helping her edit some footage of her latest work Reception: The Musical!

This project started while Bethany was working at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM). At least once a day people would misunderstand her name on the phone. It became such a constant joke that she began making a list of all the names she was called…

The work is currently being made into a full length show, and I’ll be doing some choreography for it. Can’t wait.

The 2 songs in this video are ‘My Name Is Bethany’ and ‘Do You Have Sticky Tape?’


Opening night is coming up!

Gideon Obarzanek has recently announced that he will be leaving the role of Artistic Director of Chunky Move. Connected is one of the last works he will create on the company!

As if that’s not enough excuse to come along, I’ll will be dancing my little heart out during the show too, so book your tickets now!

Connected will be performed at the Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne from March 15-20.
Tickets can be booked online at


Just finished working on Dubbo Ballet Studio’s production of Rodgers and Hamerstein’s Cinderella. I was rehearsal director for the show, and during performances, I was part of the backstage crew as well as follow spot operator.

It was a fantastic show, and really enjoyable to be a part of. Lydia Pedrana was particularly stunning in the title role.

I Like This in Macau

Heading to Macau today to perform Chunky Move’s production of I Like This at the Macau Cultural Centre. This will be the first time I’ve actually performed this work, and the first time I’ve even worked on it for months, so looking forward to a little rehearsal before our opening night!

I Like This is choreographed by Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry. All sound and lighting is controlled by the five dancers on stage. It’s a tough role to be a technician and a performer at the same time.

Wish me luck!

Rehearsals Begin

Back to Melbourne to begin rehearsals with Chunky Move for their latest new work, Connected. Connected is a beautiful collaboration between artistic director Gideon Oberzanik and sculptor Reuben Margolin from California.

The performance includes a large moving sculture that gets assembled on stage and manipulated by the dancers using hundreds of strings.

It’s going to be an amazing work. Keep an eye out for it!

Choreography in a Hurry

Working this week with Dubbo Ballet Studio choreographing four new contemporary works, and one musical theatre routine for their eisteddfods and competitions this year.

It’s a tough gig to choreograph 5 five-minute works in only six afternoons, but we’re doing fine. The dancers are incredibly capable and able to pick up movement at the drop of a hat. I’m working with students ranging from 9 years old to 18, and having a great time.

Summer School

Teaching this week at the Dubbo Ballet Studio’s Summer School workshop which brings around 70 dancers from all over New South Wales to have an intensive week of contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, lyrical, drama and world dance. Taught by a group of impressive names in the dance/musical theatre industry, the students really get a taste of a professional dancers life.

These kids are amazing! A fantastic energy in the building as everyone dances their guts out and has a ball. Love it!

Waste to Art

Am in Dubbo at the moment, so had the pleasure of going to the Western Plains Cultural Centre to check out Waste to Art, the local recycling art competition. This is always an amazing exhibition, and this year was no different. Particularly loved the winning sculpture, created by a school friend of mine, Stewart Stendall. His work was titled ‘Lisa Gets Trashed’.