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Not In A Million Years

The highlight of Dance Massive (besides Connected, of course!) has been Not In A Million Years by Force Majeure, directed and choreographed by Kate Champion.

Although not a whole lot of ‘dancing’, this show had so much heart and such a beauty to it, I was blown away. Sometimes that simplest images can be the most powerful.

Such a pleasure to watch.

Connected world premiere

Check out this beautiful montage of Connected‘s world premiere season at Melbourne’s Malthouse. Subscribe to chunkstudio111 to see more great Chunky Move videos.

Review: I Like This in New York City

..”I like this,’ confides Lake, and “These guys are good!’ She’s right. And they contrast nicely, with Macindoe tall and strongly built and Simons shorter and slighter…

Review: I Like This in New York City

…also allow Lake, Macindoe, and Simons time to show off their mad dance skills in several vignettes. Following the high-tech grandeur…

Review: I Like This in New York City

..stacked themselves in and around the chairs. In the stage’s deep shadow, Macindoe and Simons executed beautiful pirouettes…


It takes a lot of guts to conceptualise a work like this.

Off to the Beckett Theatre (for the very first time) at the Malthouse yesterday to catch Gideon Oberzanek’s solo work Faker (presented through Chunky Move). It’s a brutally honest look at success and doubt. I loved every second of it. Obviously, since I’ve only just finished working with Gideon in the studio, I was able to relate to the content perhaps a little more than others, but the wonderful inside look into the brain of this man was something everyone around me seemed to really be enjoying.

As my final audience experience in the huge two weeks that have been Dance Massive, this show was a thought-provoking and enjoyable finale.

Becky, Jodi and John

It was my absolute pleasure and privillage to see Rebecca Hilton, Jodi Melnick and John Jasperse perform their work, inspired by life as a dancer…past the age of 40. I’m not sure any other show can claim that they kept my smiling from start to finish. But this show is no ordinary contemporary dance work either.

They are the professionals. Two Americans, and one Australian, and a virtual appearance from a woman in Brussels (via Skype). The work is incredibly simple, brutally honest, and delightfully endearing. They know their age, their weaknesses, and Becky, Jodi and John makes no excuses. Gorgeous.