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Had the pleasure of seeing Balletlab’s final development showing of Phillip Adams new work Aviary.

This work will premiere later in the year at the Melbourne Festival, and judging by this afternoons showing of choreography and costume design should be an unmissable show. Keep an eye out for it.

Review: Connected in Sydney

…to create a series of clean, physical sequences that grow increasingly complex throughout the piece…

Love Never Dies

Went to see the new Australian cast of Love Never Dies last night with my mother. What a spectacular show!

Although some of the music and lyrics felt a little immature (sorry Andrew!) I thought the sets, costumes and performances were absolutely sensational. What a pleasure of a night.

Dubbo Eisteddfod

A huge congratulations to the students of Dubbo Ballet Studio, particularly Thalia Smith, who are currently performing my choreography in the Dubbo Eisteddfod.
Being from Dubbo originally, I totally understand how much of a big deal this eisteddfod is. I used to love the crap out of it.

Today Thalia won the contemporary championship and the revue scholarship with a little routine we worked on earlier this year. Nice work Thalia! Look forward to seeing the DVD.

Untrained in Wollongong

I’m in Wollongong! Have taken a little step away from all my Chunky Move duties to work with Lucy Guerin Inc. on her brilliant show Untrained.

This is the beginning of 8 weeks of regional Australian tour I will be doing. The tour is actually much longer, but my leg of the tour will include NSW, SA and VIC.

There will be new untrained locals guys in each city we perform in, so I’ll keep you in the loop with how it’s all going.

First Run

Tonight had the privilege of showing a 10 minute excerpt of my solo work Not On My Watch at ‘First Run’ at the Lucy Guerin Inc studios.

First Run is a chance for choreographers to present works in progress for a group of peers, and then be involved in a discussion forum afterwards. I got some fantastic feedback and constructive criticism from the performance, and look forward to getting back into the studio to put some of those new thoughts into action…


Am now in beautiful Seoul for Connected‘s international premiere! I’m in my hotel room right now overlooking the amazing palace. Have had a rather amazing day of shopping, and now keen to head to the theatre tomorrow.