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Liking this…again

Its back to the studio for our Sydney/Dublin tour of I Like This.

For this tour, I’ll be doing the OTHER male role in the show. Most of the show will be pretty straight forward. Everything’s just on the other side!

The show will be opening at the Spring Dance festival in Sydney next week.

Sydney Opera House

Its Opening night!

Tonight is the Sydney Premiere of Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry’s I Like This. So proud to be in this show. I love it so much.

This is also my Opera House debut. Very exciting indeed…

Bringing it together

Yesterday was our very first rehearsal with all four musicians and all four dancers in the same room. Magic was being made!

This is going to be a really special performance. The dancers and musicians are literally intertwining. Here the awesome Marc Cassidy works on his solo while Ensemble Liaison keeps him in time.

I’ll say it again. This new work is being performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre on August 18th. Tickets are on sale now.

Untrained in Bathurst/Orange

Fellow Trained dancer Rennie McDougall, along with our director Byron Perry have now left Wollongong, and its untrained local blokes Andy and Malcom, to head to Bathurst, where two new untrained performers are waiting.

The two young men in question are Callum Lofts and James Surplice (pictured). These guys are a little younger than the Wollongong guys, so the show will have quite a different vibe, which will be very exciting. I can’t wait to start performing with these guys.

The great thing about Untrained is that the show is naturally different every night, the boys do things differently, the audiences are different, and of course the improvised sections keep everything feeling fresh.

Sydney Eisteddfod

Its my pleasure to congratulate the hard-working students of Dubbo Ballet Studio on their achievements at this years Sydney Eisteddfod.

The piece that I choreographed for them, “Don’t” (pictured, performing at the Sydney Opera House) was given Highly Commended and their lyrical routine came first place.

This is a huge competition with over 80 dance schools from around Australia involved. Congratulations guys. Dubbo’s still rockin’!

See ya Byron!

As the Untrained tour finishes it’s time in New South Wales and moves to South Australia, we won’t only be leaving behind James and Callum, our fantastic untrained performers, but also our director, Byron Perry.

The next leg of the tour will be directed by the choreographer herself, Lucy Guerin!

I’ll see Byron in a couple of months when ‘I Like This’ starts up again. (Goodness, have to start remembering that show!)

…and now to Victoria!

The Untrained tour continues!

It’s goodbye to Colin and Quade (the South Australian Untrained performers) but also to Lucy Guerin as director. Directing the Victorian leg of the tour will be Antony Hamilton.

Its also goodbye to Rennie McDougall, who has been by my side since we started in Wollongong all those weeks ago. My new trained partner is the always-energetic Alisdair Macindoe, which is going to be a hoot and a half.

And even though all the faces are changing around me…let the good times continue to roll!

A New Project begins…

No time to rest!

Began working today with choreographer Lucas Jervies on a new work from his Melbourne-based group Jack Productions.

Jack Productions is collaborating with brilliant quartet Ensemble Liaison to create an exciting chamber ballet, El Amor Brujo. I will be dancing alongside Australian Ballet principal artists Rachel Rawlins and Andrew Killian and former Australian Ballet Principal Marc Cassidy. Let’s hope I blend in!

El Amor Brujo will be presented at the Melbourne Recital Centre on August 18th. Tickets are on sale now.