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Double Think

Sometimes you come across a show where all there elements really come together to form a whole. With Byron Perry’s brilliant new work Double Think, presented at the Melbourne Festival, a dream-team was created from all areas.

With Byron Perry choreographing on Lee Serle and Kirstie McCracken, being lit beautifully by Benjamin Cisterne to incredible sound created by Luke Smiles…could this show get any cooler?

I was grinning from start to finish. It was stunning, quirky, breath-taking and delightful. Such a pleasure to go and see. I’m so glad I was in Australia for a couple of days to catch it!

Performance and Technology

Just finished giving a talk at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Myself, along with Chris Mercer (production manager) and Alisdair Macindoe (fellow dancer) answered questions and spoke about Connected to the Performance and Technology students.

The class was a mix of artists and dancers who were all interested in the collaborative nature of Chunky Move with different artforms.