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Extended stay…

Well, it turns out my ‘three days’ at ADT has turned into ‘two months’!

Garry Stewart has asked me to stick around in Adelaide to understudy his new show, Proximity which will have its world premiere at the Adelaide Arts Festival in February 2012.

I’m stoked to be offered a chance to get to know the people that make this great Australian company. I’m really looking forward to working on their famously difficult choreography (and hopefully getting a hang of it!)

I’ll keep you posted with how things are going…

Philadelphia Master Class

Just got back to the hotel after teaching a master class with the incomparable Sarah Black at the Philadelphia University of the Arts.

We were inundated with student dancers (about 60!) who were all keen to check out these Australian dancers. Sarah gave them a (crowded) warm up, then I taught some choreography from Connected. I didn’t have the actual music from the show, but Michael Jackson seemed to fit just fine, and the students certainly enjoyed themselves.

It was a great class, with lots of laughs and plenty of sweat, and most importantly, some great dancing!

How To Succeed…

Every so often, you see a show that has everything going for it, a brilliant set, and fantastic score, an edge-of-your seat storyline and knockout performances.

When you’re seeing a show on Broadway, catching one such show becomes a little more likely.

How to Succeed…is all that, and more. The choreography was outstanding, and the design was funky, bright and cleverly used.

This is my drug. Who needs to get high, when you just need a theatre ticket? Good theatre can bring up intense, extreme emotions where the second the last note is played, a surge of excitement erupts out of me like a runaway train, and before you can say “Brotherhood of Man’, I’m on my feet and clapping so furiously my hands were still red and sore an hour later.

Daniel Radcliffe and the cast and crew can’t be praised highly enough. I loved the crap out of it.

Christmas time!

Merry Christmas everyone!

We’ve reached the end of another year. I have had a great time doing what I love and travelling and meeting wonderful new people.

God is the reason for everything I get to do. He gave me my talents, and he is making sure I’m using them in the best way possible.

Thanks God. Happy birthday.

Back to Perth!

Guess what?!

You don’t have to actually guess. You can just read on…

I’ve been invited to return to Perth to perform a solo opening act for 3′s Company, 2′s a Party in the Perth Fringe Festival in February!

I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement. Not only do I get to make the trek back to Perth, where some of my happiest memories are, but I get the chance to present the solo I’ve been working on! Win-win.

I’ll be joining the brilliant Quindell Orton and the hysterical Helen Duncan with a show that is set to bring the house down! Keep an eye out for it.

Buy tickets here.

Are you coming?

Just finished choreographing a new section to my solo, being performed in 3′s Company, 2′s a Party at the Perth Fringe in February.

I’m a young man with a dream. It’s one of those dreams from which you wake up gasping for air, then remember where you are, roll your eyes and go back to sleep.

Have you got your tickets yet? Get them here.

Off to Adelaide

I’m delighted to be spending a few days with Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) in Adelaide this week.

Artistic Director Garry Stewart has expressed an interest in me coming over and having a bit of a dance with the company, I’m very excited because, not only is this a great chance to meet another one of Australia leading contemporary choreographers, but also because I’ve got a couple of friends there that I haven’t seen for a while! Hooray!


I”M IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!

What’s the first thing you do when you get to New York? Why, head to the Times Square tkts booth of course!

Being a Steven Sondheim nut, I was delighted to grab a ticket to Follies at the Marquis Theatre in New York.

Saying that this show is clever is a gross understatement. The weaving plots, the use of space, the costuming and of course, the ageless music and lyrics from Sondheim himself – are all delicately considered and beautifully executed. Unfortunately I was unable to see Jane Maxfield perform the role of Phylis (apparently she had injured herself recently) but Bernadette Peters and the rest of the cast were absolute perfection.

Gentle, funny, heart-wrenching and emotional, Follies is a rollercoaster through the erosion of four friends and their marriages. They should hand out boxes of tissues when they give you your ticket at the box office.