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Get this party started!

Three’s Company, Two’s a Party has arrived in Perth! My dear friends Helen Duncan and Quindell Orton will be presenting their work at the Perth FringeWorld Festival, and I’m bringing my solo Not On My Watch to the party.

Today was our first day of rehearsals with all three cast member together (and we open tomorrow night!) It was a great day of hard work and big laughs. I think this show is going to be a knockout! But be careful, the show is nearly sold out, and I don’t want you to miss it!

Gob Squad

I just got home from the theatre after seeing Super Night Shot by a wonderful German/British performance art group, Gobsquad. This show was so wonderfully unique and really made me smile.

Four members of the group, exactly one hour before the audience arrived at the theatre took four video cameras around the city and filmed everything they saw in one continuous shot, ending with their return to the theatre where the audience greeted them.

We the audience then sat down to watch the one hour film consisting of four very different views of the same city…and you wouldn’t believe what they found.
I could go to this show every night, knowing that it was all completely different every time is a fascinating concept, and turns out to be a real love letter to the city. Fantastic stuff.

Ballet at the Quarry

There’s nothing quite like watching your friends on stage. It’s even more special to go and watch a dance company perform that you used to be involved in. Last night I went to see the annual Ballet At The Quarry, presented by the West Australian Ballet. And what a special night it was.

The strength of the dancing, and of course the stunning outdoor amphitheatre on a breezy summer’s night made for the perfect conclusion to my week in Perth.
The company performed Strings 32, a new work a director Ivan Cavallari, Serenade by George Balanchine, The Sixth Borough by Reed Luplau and the world premiere of RHETORIC choreographed by Terrence Kohler.

It standout of the night for me was Serenade. Such a beautiful mix of great music, precise, fluid dancing and dreamy tutus. I’m a big fan.

Back in Melbourne

In Melbourne right now auditioning for the new director of Chunky Move, Anouk van Dijk.

It’s day two of a four-day audition (I’ve made it this far already!) I’ll let you know how it goes!

Teaching at WAAPA

While in Perth for the Fringe Festival, it just wouldn’t be right not to visit my dear friends at WAAPA.

Since I haven’t been back since I moved from Perth in 2010, it was so lovely to chat to the staff members and meet the new students of this extraordinary institution.

They even invited me to teach a class! I taught a contemporary technique class to all 3rd year students from the BA and Diploma dance course. We had a great time rolling to MC Hammer, kicking to Amy Winehouse, and swinging our arms to Randy Travis. And of course, industry knowledge was shared too!

It’s a shame it was only a one-off class.

Life In Miniature

I can’t talk highly enough about this show.

Performed by Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT), it is performed IN a caravan (parked outside the State Gallery of WA), and seats an audience of only 5 at a time. So intimate is the first thing that comes to mind.

This brilliant show is 35 minutes of charming, surreal and utterly beautiful dancing and silent acting. The two performers, Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton were just wonderful. I could have seen it several times.

I’m excited and inspired by the potential in this work, and will be keeping a close eye on where in goes. Because basically, I think everyone in Australia should see this show and be proud of these girls.

Dancer to Watch

Have you been watching?

This was discovered in the current issue of Dance Australia Magazine.

DBS creations

I’ve been asked to return to the scene of the crime – Dubbo Ballet Studio, where I began dancing at age 6 – to work with their current students and choreograph five new group pieces and 7 solos. Mostly contemporary dance, but a few ballet and a broadway jazz in there too!

I’m delighted, as always, to return to DBS because the students are all such incredibly hard workers and so keen that choreographing on them in a dream. I’ll be working with dancers from age 10 to 19 and can’t wait to get started next week!

I predict good times ahead!