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Australian Stage review

Received a glowing review from for my solo “Not On My Watch”, which was performed as part of “Three’s Company, Two’s a Party” in the Perth Fringe festival. Check out the compliments!

It would be hard to imagine the 3rd Edinburgh female cast member could have possibly performed several of the extraordinarily clever physical routines that the male artist, Joseph Simons, treated us to on opening night.

The first sign of this man’s amazing dance/mime talent was apparent in the next sequence when he created a memorable series of exaggerated dance moves to a Latin-inspired tune. Absolutely deadpan facially, he created a perfect pastiche of the over-the-top rock clips so often seen on You-Tube and MTV.

There was a very funny relaxation/meditation tape item. But the undoubted highlight of the show was a brilliant piece executed by Joe to an excruciatingly accurate and hysterically funny Customer Service Hotline recording. As the automated message blandly insulted the caller in every possible manner he replicated the movements of each instruction with flamboyant gestures and lithe moves. In the case of the requested “now enter the 16 digit pin number” it could be called numerically repetitive, interpretive dance.

This was followed by a wonderful interpretation of the Frank Iifield yodelling song, by which stage some audience members were literally weeping with laughter.

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