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Arizona has long been on my list of places to visit. So you can imagine why I was jumping out of my skin with excitement to discover the tour would be stopping here. We’re in Scottsdale, a stunning little city with the most incredible weather. Granted, we’ve spent most of our spare time at the pool, but who wouldn’t? It’s just gorgeous here!

Seattle. Yes.

From a very young age, Sleepless in Seattle has been a family favourite of ours. So the chance to actually visit and perform in this famous city was truly fun.

In contrast to Arizona, we’ve gone from red, rocky mountains, to white, snowy mountains! I’ve really enjoyed walking around today and look forward to getting into the Meany Theatre for our dress rehearsal.

Master-class in Arizona

Marnie Palomares (one of the other dancers on the tour) took a master-class today at the Scottdale Community College with about 25 of the dance students from around the area. They were really fantastic and keen to try some new things. Marnie and I taught them some repertoire from ‘Connected’ which they really seemed to enjoy. Now, we didn’t have the actual music from the show, so Michael Jackson had to suffice. And boy, did it pick up the energy! Suddenly all the moves had new meaning!

(And we took our photo with this incredible cactus we found on campus!)


We’re in Middletown, Connecticut! The tour has moved on to perform in this cute country town. We’ll be performing at the Wesleyan University Theatre for two nights only! If you’re nearby, be sure to check us out!

Other Desert Cities

Since the tour has moved to Connecticut, I thought I’d be silly not to pop down to New York and spend a day strolling the streets of my favourite city.
While there, of course, a Broadway show is always high on the list, and this time I decided to catch a play instead of my usual default choice – a musical.

I was fortunate enough to catch Other Desert Cities, a wonderful, clever play written by Jon Robin Biatz.

Elizabeth Marvel shocks her family by revealing that her new about-to-be-published book is a memoir that uncovers a multitude of family secrets. The cast were astounding, particularly Judith Light in the role of the ‘recovering’ alcoholic aunt who’s pin-sharp accuracy in seeing through the family’s fa├žade is off-putting to say the least.

Other Desert Cities had me laughing at the beginning, gasping with horror during the middle and crying at the end…now that’s a great night out!