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The Merry Widow

What a lovely thing to do on a Tuesday morning! I had the sheer joy of sitting in on Opera Australia’s final dress rehearsal of The Merry Widow today.

Amelia Farrugia steals the show in the title role. Flirty, naughty, head-strong and impossibly clever, she is delicious. The set is simple, but lavish-looking and while the lighting was stunning, perhaps a little easy on the pink next time.

Its a charming production directed by Giles Havergal. It’s camp, highly enjoyable, and everyone both on stage and in the audience is having fun. I walked out grinning.


While I’m in my hometown having a ‘holiday’, I just can’t help but volunteer my time back at my old high school to help out with their major musical production, Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience.

I’ve spent the last week helping the students dissect the script and bringing the outrageous, silly characters to life. They’ve now done two performances, and this show is bringing the house down! Audiences are rolling in the aisles at the hysterical story and wonderful young actors.

Great, great fun.


Was in Sydney for one night. So what do you do? You go to the theatre!

Had a lovely evening sitting in the Downstairs theatre at Belvoir St seeing the new play ‘Food’ written by Steve Rodgers. An extraordinary work for three actors, ‘Food’ is a charming, sometimes confronting look at the relationship of two sisters who own a take away food shop, their dreams of making it a slightly classier restaurant, and the kitchen hand they hire to help them do it.

Funny, Shocking and beautifully and sensitively directed by Steve Rodgers and choreographer Kate Champion (the main reason I bought the ticket), this show was just lovely.