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Make no mistake; this was the best production I’ve seen in quite a while.
This bare-bones circus with no set, some brilliant lighting and a lot of skin took a step away from traditional circus and gave it an edgy, exciting and truly unique dance show.

I say dance show because, while I understand these are acrobats, the choreography and transitions and musicality was so cleverly put together, it had more flow and a sense of journey than several other dance performances I’ve seen recently.

Millions of images are fluttering through my mind. A red stiletto puncturing flesh, a fantastic body percussion solo, a broken dolly on a trapeze, and a hoop routine that made my hands sore from clapping.
Circa is touring extensively. If it comes anywhere near you – don’t ask questions, just go.

I, Bunyip

I’ve never seen a performance by renowned puppet group Erth, so I jumped at the chance to catch their latest show for children I, Bunyip.

Taking kids back to the dreamtime of Australian Aboriginal culture and the animals and spirits we encounter there, this show was interactive and fun. But it was the puppets that stole the show. They were extraordinary, ranging from tiny sit-your-hand size to one particular puppet that towered over the adults.

A lovely 45 minute performance with some clever use of projection and a little bit of magic in there to really make the children gasp!

Let’s Dance

The Australian Ballet turn 50 this year, and as you might expect, they’re going all out. This gala performance features several major dance companies from around the country congregating on one stage for an unforgettable night celebrating Australian dance.

Standouts for me included Sydney Dance Company, ADT and The Queensland Ballet. A highlight was also the world premiere of Timothy Harbour’s new work Sweedeedee, which featured the return to the stage of two icons of the Australian Ballet: Steven Heathcote and Justine Summers.

The entire evening was a treat, and I think it was especially important for those audience members who think that The Australian Ballet is the only source of quality dance in this country, to get a taste of what else is out there. It’s a marketing dream!