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Wanted: One Body!

I love theatre. I don’t care if it’s professional or amateur, big budget or small, I’m just always happy to be watching people up on stage telling me stories.

While I’m in Dubbo meeting my amazing new little nephew, I managed to catch The Wesley House Players and their production of Wanted: One Body! By Charles Dyer. This crazy little murder mystery set in the Barraclough mansion know as ‘Greenacres’ has got the actors talking in circles and in classic thriller tradition, accusing each other of murder…before they realise there’s nothing in the coffin but a few bricks!

The play was quite well-paced and very funny in places. Particular shout out to Mary Bullock playing the unassuming maid Mabel Middy, who controlled the scenes beautifully and delivered one-liners with real guts.

DBS Gala

Last night was possibly the first time I’ve ever sat in the audience for a Dubbo Ballet Studio production (usually being backstage or, when I was younger, IN it!) so it was a thrill for me to relax and watch my own choreography performed by these talented students.

To say that the atmosphere was pumping is a gross understatement. These clever kids had the audience in the palm of their hands – not least when a fantastic opening number saw 40 dancers all holding a flood light in each hand performed with precision. Great stuff. You perhaps wouldn’t expect to see something like this in Dubbo, but let me assure you, it’s there!