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Peter and the Star Catcher

It’s been widely spread that this particular show is a must-see for anyone who comes to New York. Almost everyone I’ve met here, when I ask them about what I should consider when it comes to theatre, Peter and the Star Catcher is quick to be blurted out.

And now I know why. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a feeling of joy, imagination and laughter brought on in quite the same way as I did last night at the New World Stages theatre.

This production has had several incarnations, recently finishing it’s run on Broadway, and now made it’s way around the corner into an off-boradway space, but the move hasn’t lost any of it’s power.

It’s difficult to point out particular cast members, as this truly is an ensemble piece. But if I HAD to, Rick Holmes as Black Stache was an absolute knockout, and Nicole Lowrance as Molly, the single girl on the stage (except for Mrs Bumbrake, played brilliantly by Jon Patrick Walker) was a thrill to watch in action.

The entire production is full of childish fun. I’m not going to tell you more about it. I’m just going to join the rest of my friends and say: If you have the chance, see Peter and the Star Catcher. You won’t be sorry.

Singing In The Rain

I have high expectations. In my mind, this is one of the most wonderful, funny scripts ever. Sure, it’s simple, but done well, this show has the potential to bring the house down.

The new West End production of Singing In The Rain does not. I’m still not quite sure how, in fact the feat would be impressive it it weren’t so sad, but somehow Director Jonathan Church manages to strip all the comedy out of the book, making it a very pale comparison to the original film.

While the dancing in it is very strong, particularly thanks to the sparkling choreography by Andrew Wright, the scenes between dance numbers were very disappointing. Jennifer Ellison in the role of Lina Lamont quite simply, not funny. Such a shame. I love this show dearly, but this production does not do it justice.

The Bodyguard

Off to the ultra famous Adelphi Theatre to witness the ultra famous character of Rachel Marron as she and her young son are terrorised by a relentless stalker and forced to hire a bodyguard that she doesn’t like…and then loves.

Unexpectedly for me, this show was awesome! I suppose I was expecting it to be a little cheesy and silly, but in actual fact, the show book had some genuine high-stakes moments and from the opening gun shot that got us of to frightening start (the audience actually screamed and gasped) the whole production was fizzing with fear within the glamourous world of the pop star.

All hail Heather Headley, who grabbed the leading role with two hands and some hard-core vocal chords, re-creating classic Whitney Houston tracks with flawless ease. Her acting was also brilliant, feeling an authentic maternal protection for her son, while still maintaining her ultimate diva attitude. Not an easy role, but Headley took it in her stride. Lloyd Owen in the title role straddles the difficult fence of warm and cold very very well.