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Day 3 – Tanja Liedtke Fellowship

Today was the first milestone in working towards actually choreographing a new work. The improvisations will continue, but now I’m also starting to choreograph, structure and organise some ideas, with a view to making stuff that I’ll actually perform…in two and a half weeks…for an audience.

This solo, First Things First, is an investigation of experiencing something for the first time. Do you remember your first meal? First kiss? First phone? First time you ever swore?

Things are emerging from the improvisations of things that might be useful for this investigation, and with the right development, might even make their way into the piece!

Day 2 – Tanja Liedtke Fellowship

Working alone in the studio is not particularly easy thing for me. It isn’t long before I’m climbing the walls and doubting myself. I know, I know, it’s only day two and I’ve got 13 more days of this, but not having someone to bounce off can really get to your head after a few hours of improvising for a camera. Knowing when to step away and when to push it forward is a valuable skill.

I’m passionate about improvisation, and I actually love pushing my way through it when I know I can. But today, partly from jet lag and partly from just being plain hot (it’s a very warm summer here!) I decided to spend the afternoon not in the studio, but in the park, watching back my videos and writing some notes.

Not a bad way to spend my time really, because I managed to sort out some ideas in my head for the structure of this solo. I’ll tell you about it soon :)

Day 1 – Tanja Liedtke Fellowship

Thanks to the Tanja Liedtke Foundation awarding me the 2013 Tanja Liedtke Fellowship, I’m in Berlin!

I’ve never been to Berlin before, so my new piece (currently with the working title of First Things First) is focusing on what it feels like to explore a new city, to experience something for the first time, and how quickly the new and exciting can become the routine.

Armed with my camera and a little of bit of jet lag, I got a taxi straight to the city and managed to find two great musicians on the street and had some impromptu collaborations. Seriously, first few hours in Berlin, and I’m already meeting fantastic creative people! As Annie once sung: “I think I’m gonna like it here.’

Heading into the beautiful Ada Studio for the first time, I had a play around, responding to my first experience of the city.

NOTE: This will be a daily blog for the next three weeks. Keep up to date with the making of First Things First!