Test audience

HOD Email Banner Draft 2Last night, a five minute excerpt from 100 Years Of The History Of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale was presented at the monthly Angry Mime event, to test out some ideas and audience response.

Admittedly, it was 60 minutes, and there was no finale, but the audience reaction was very strong. Can’t wait to go into development for this show in New York in just a few weeks!


A new project

HOD Hero Image Lo ResI am delighted to announce that I’ll be heading to New York City soon to begin development on my new one-man show 100 Years Of The History of Dance As Told By One Man In 60 Minutes With An Energetic Group Finale.

Development will take place at the Roundabout Theatre rehearsal space, where a work-in-progress showing will be presented.

Jacob Wallace, Grade-A student and serious dance aficionado is ready to give a school report like you’ve never seen!

Little Red Riding Hood complete!

Well…that was fun!

Such a thrill to be delighting young people for a massive 23 performances in 7 days of Queensland Ballet’s LIttle Red Riding Hood. 13557853_10154407092936414_7158031668762657623_n  13502116_10154407094836414_6365297694952790832_n13557934_10154407094186414_2323737391859204447_n


Queensland Ballet

little-red-riding-hood-2_hero_gallery_wideDelighted to have finished my first week with Queensland Ballet. I’ll be performing in a brand new ballet (BRAND new – as in original music, fresh designs, new choreography) directed by Lucas Jervies. Little Red Riding Hood will play from June 21-28 for Brisbane’s ‘Out of The Box’ festival for children.
Get ready for some serious feistiness! This is Little Red like you’ve never seen her before, as a superhero, who’s red cape gives her an incredible imagination! I will be playing Red’s nasty little brother, who loves nothing more than violence, wolves

and of course, annoying his big sister.

Little Red is Queensland Ballet’s very first production in the ‘

My First Ballet’ series.

Purchase tickets here.

Hungary in 2017

Very excited to announce that my one-man show First Things First has been invited to tour to Budapest in 2017 to perform in the Sziget Festival. How exciting! Will keep you updated :) Photos by Teagan Glenane


Green Room Awards

Well, what a night!

So much fun to be nominated for Best Male Dancer at this year’s Green Room Awards. No win this time, but was delighted that the honour went to my dear friend David Mack for his work with Sydney Dance Company. David and I played Gepetto and Pinocchio respectively in West Australian Ballet’s production of Pinocchio back in 2012. Was fantastic to see him win such an honour.

And in true Amy Shumer style, I took my sister to the awards ceremony. I’d good like that.3889_10154613012263906_3089297976973565008_n

Radio Pulz interveiw

How lovely today to be in the Radio Pulz studios in Singapore to chat about First Things First being presented in the NUS Arts Festival. I hope I didn’t make a COMPLETE fool of myself! You can see for yourself right here.




What a treat to catch Pina Bausch’s beautiful production of Nelkin at the Adelaide Festival.

Thanks to my trip to Wuppertal last year, I’ve got a few friends in the cast now, so was great to catch up with them while they’re in Australia.


Also a treat to run into two fellow WAAPA graduates and two WAAPA lecturers at the performance! The brilliant Nanette Hassall and former-Pina Bausch dancer Michael Whaites were there to see the beautiful show. Here we are showing our favourite hand gestures from the show!