Musica Viva trivia night

Had a brilliant time at the Musica Viva 13th annual trivia dinner at Zinc at Federation Square. A great chance to meet some highly influential people in the Australian artistic circles.

Myself and my friends from the Australian National Academy of Music had a wonderful time – even if we only got 29 out of 60 questions correct. Ah well, that’s nearly a pass.

Opening Night!

Yep, here we are.

It’s Opening Night of Victorian Opera’s Julius Caesar at the Melbourne Recital Centre. Are you going to be there?

I will.

Eddie Perfect – Songs From the Middle

What a pleasure to see the world premiere of Eddie Perfect’s new cabaret show Songs From The Middle at the South Melbourne Town Hall last night.

Inspired by his childhood suburb of Mentone, Eddie performed a series of songs (with some anecdotes in between) that were all amusing, charming and beautiful. The entire audience was aware they were in the presence of something very special, and right to the end when Eddie conducted the audience while we sang the chorus of his final song, we were on his side every step of the way. A pleasure to watch.

The whole performance was…well…perfect!

Mary Poppins


Yes, I now know how to spell this word thanks to the brilliant Australian cast of Mary Poppins. Seeing this production was a like a breath of fresh air. It’s a beautifully smooth, incredibly rich, highly emotional, astoundingly energetic, purely magical, and deliciously clever show that had me dancing in my seat with a massive grin on my face.

What a delight to see a show like this live. Highly recommended.

To The Theatre!

Goodbye North Melbourne Town Hall!

Hello Melbourne Recital Centre!

Victorian Opera’s Julius Caesar has now moved away from the rehearsal space, and are now in the theatre with our full set, costumes and lights. This is the moment where everything we’ve said will have to “wait until we get into the theatre” now must be worked out.

Because the set is so much taller than the space we’ve been rehearsing in, naturally some things need to be slightly altered. Pulling around curtains that are 9 metres high takes a little more time!

We have five working days until opening night. So now all our time is spent ironing out the creases and making this show as smooth and beautiful as possible.


Lose Yourself

Just had a great meeting with the talented pop singer Miss Jade to discuss her new music video, which I will be choreographing.

For her latest track called Lose Yourself, the video will feature 6 female and 4 male dancers. Costumes will have a bit of an ‘animal’ twist, designed by some of Melbourne’s coolest young fashion designers.

I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into this project. The creation of this music video will actually be an episode in the 13-part documentary currently following Miss Jade’s rise to fame.

Australian Dance Awards

It was the night of nights for the Australian Dance Industry and I tell you what, EVERYONE was there.
OK, well maybe not everyone, but a whole lot of them!

Some very worthy recipients of different awards, and a great performance of Soul Searching by Ludwig (very proud to be sitting in the audience!) and an excerpt of Lucy Guerin’s Untrained which had everyone laughing and cheering for more.

And needless to say, when you get a bunch of the country’s best dancers at one party, you can guarantee the dance floor is going to be wild!