Minimal Effort

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Strap yourself in. Joseph Simons and friends present an hour of unexpected dance.

Joseph Simons invites two local performers to the stage for a 60-minute, entirely improvised dance show. Performed in the round, with the audience sitting on stage, Minimal Effort is an intimate performance where anything can happen!

What is left is a raw, charming and often very funny profile of three performers, and an audience who feels bonded and inspired.

The day before the performance, Joseph Simons holds an improvisation workshop for local dancers, actors and anyone looking for a creative outlet. From this workshop, Joseph chooses two participants to join him for an improvised performance.

In the performance space sits a boom-box stereo and a stack of CDs – the performers can change the music whenever they see fit. There is also collection of clothing off to the side, where performers are free to change their costumes as little or as much as they like. A video camera is used by the performers to capture each other, or even given to an audience member to film. The ‘lo-fi’ nature of Minimal Effort is what makes it intimate, honest and endearing.

Every Minimal Effort performance finishes with a Q+A with a facilitator provided by the venue. The audience have an opportunity to ask questions, and to debrief on the improvisations they have seen.

Minimal Effort showcases the virtuosic dance improvisation talents of Joseph Simons, teaming with local performers, in a show where no-one knows what will happen next!

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